Wifi Shark “Commercial vs. Free Hotspots”

Commercial vs. Free Hotspots

Do not let your cost of  internet connection eat you alive like the sharks they are. This Site has all the information to help you get connected to wifi and have peace of mind knowing you are secured.

Wherever Wi-Fi hotspots are available, users usually have to choose between two options: either connect to a paid
connection or free one.

Free hotspots are more popular because not only do commercial establishments provide this but also users at home who have wireless connections and who wittingly or unwittingly share their connection.

The main attraction in free hotspots is that, well, they are free. What one has to do is simply connect to that
network and browse the day away.


If your not near any hotspots then you will need a grid antenna


But free hotspots have their share of problems. They are usually unsecure which enables anyone with the right
software to sniff the data sent by other people on the network. It can be a breeding ground for hackers and
identity thieves.

What I do to make it so this can not happen is, I connect to a free hotspot then make it a secure connection using these 3 tools

Meanwhile, there’s the alternative of having paid Wi-Fi connections. This type of hotspot can usually be found in
airports. This mainly caters to business travellers who need to connect to the internet even at the airport.

The good thing with this option is that it is more secure because of several measures made by airports in ensuring
the privacy of data over the network.

But the data isn’t completely secure. They are still logged, by airports for example, for purposes of having
usage records that law enforcement agencies require in monitoring criminal activity.

I have found the answer to that as well!!

3rd My favorite device when I am traveling is virgin mobile wifi

I love this device because of 2 reasons. First it has 3g speeds, 2nd you can create profiles and use it free when you connect to a hotspot and it speeds up your connection plus ads security, while your using the hotspot. I even use it for my home to give me that 3g boost! See my post


The photo above shows the profile I made, how long I was connected, and how many bites in and out, for the price of free. I purchased the device put fifty dollars on it, now I get to use it free for a year. Before the year is up I will pay another 50 bucks I love it

You to can stop the sharks from draining your bank account using my methods it is legal and free. Oh yes if there any reason for an attorney I have a plan for that as well it is called legal shield I have been using them for over 4 years  for the low cost of 20 bucks a month. who has it all “Effingham wifi club”



Now for a little added bonus, I turn my free internet connection into a virtual router and share it with all my devices by using a program called connectify.me







Range specifications are based on independent test results and windows 7 professional operating system. Actual performance may vary due to differences in operating environments, building materials and wireless obstructions. Performance may increase or decrease over the stated specification. Wireless coverage claims are used only as a reference and are not guaranteed as each wireless network is uniquely different. Maximum wireless signal rate derived from IEEE 802.11 standard specifications. Actual data throughput may vary as a result of network conditions and environmental factors. N300 wireless signal speeds achieved when connecting to other N300 or later 802.11n/ac devices. Output power specifications are based on the maximum possible radio output power plus antenna gain.
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