WiFi Club Imagine Your Self Having Free Internet

Imagine Your Self Having Free Internet,


There is a better way to have fast internet speeds, stronger web connection and for the high cost of free.

Think about it for a short moment, how much it is costing you to enjoy the things we use on a daily basis!

  • Electricity,
  • Natural gas,
  • Car Insurance,
  • Gasoline,
  • Phones / Cell Phones,
  • Computers / laptops / notebooks ect.

I have only mentioned few however there are many more. I am sure that more has came to your mind, when just adding up the few things that are the most important for our survival and communicating with family members and friends.This has become quite costly. Most people are searching for ways to keep their hard earned money in the bank.

That is why you landed on this site, you are in search of faster internet speeds, strong & faster connections, image if you will if you had a way that you could have a strong signal, strong enough that you would have 18 mbs or or better as much as 54 mbs. Now imagine getting rid of all the routers in your house, that is right my proven methods you can plus more.

photo of my Ralink Driver and the service provider

photo of my Ralink Driver
and the service provider

  1.   Free Fast Speed internet.
  2. Eliminate some of your electricity, because there is no need for routers that are using  electricity.
  3. Added security! no need to worry about having an unsecured internet you connect and you turn that connection into secured one.
  4. Connect all your devices, at will.
  5. long range router that you can connect from your back yard or garden.

I am only sharing what is working for me. Can you imagine being able to connect from you garden without the need of an AP on the outside of your home. It is possible and your saving money and time not adding wiring and routers.

Most people after reading this get it, they want all they can buy after saving money on my methods. lets just think about how much you can save.

On average we spend 40 dollars just to have internet services, times that by 12.

disavanatedge of having cable beside the extra cost

but you have all these cables lying around, lets just share what happened to me. I ordered cable with internet and the cable guy shows up instead of using my existing cables that are already in my home he starts drilling holes and installs new cables. They do not remove the old cables the lay new cables next to them. I had nice wall sockets that my cable was hooked into but, they took mine off and ran theirs then left them hanging I was up set to say the least!

That when I started thinking, “Why do I have to pay for something that should be free?”. I learned a lot. There is free, to air waves, and all I needed was the right  tools to connect to them. From that moment I was on a mission !


The Effingham WiFi Club Uses Communications Technology, Education, Internet, eBusiness, Shopping & Reviews.We are targeting The greatest gift that can be given to us is knowledge. With our combined efforts, Our words are our best weapons.The vessel, in which the emergency is shared is through social media,

join our Cause on Twitter and Facebook to Discus, topix, SodaHead, apsense, and many more, everyone can make a difference. Internet For All Take Action!It’s time to level the playing field.

Please send an email to the Federal Communication Commissioners asking to support, Internet For All

.Unfortunately, there are 80 million people that does not have access to the Internet. Can you imagine not not having an internet connection?!

wanting  Looking up a question that can improve your life, sending emails to you family and friends, sharing photos, of you and your life!!

The Problem is much worse than one might think according to the Washington post about 40 billion people around the globe are facing these same problems.Here in the United States, this particularly affects Latinos, non-English speakers, people with disabilities, young people, seniors, and people with incomes below the poverty line.

Thank you for you visit with us today and remember to follow us.

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