WiFi Club Free Internet For Pokemon, WiFi Club Game Players,

WiFi Club Free Internet For Pokemon WiFi Club Game Players

 Free connection enhancement to the WiFi Club

WiFi Club Member We take Great pride on being one of the only groups sharing Internet For All.WiFi club not working

WiFi Club

We Are providing you with the solution to connect to the free to air waves. We are independent and do not own any WiFi Towers but what we can do is create hotspots thus we are WiFi Creators%C3%A9mon_Center
WiFi companies within this industry sector Will not Tell you that you could be using free to air wave and all you need is the right tools and equipment. Our readers are the life blood, to this website without you there is no us
!      http://www.clubwifi.co.uk/
WiFi club how does it work?

We have bought and tested the WiFi Antennas and share our reviews with you we use these Antennas daily on we start up the hotspot and share  WiFi computers,laptops ect. any product that uses WiFi or Bluetooth, when find the WiFi Antenna That is best for your needs keeping in mind costs to save money, To help make Internet for all a reality.

Depending on the distance you are from the WiFi Tower or public Hotspot look below.

  • Signal king about 600 meters.
  • TP LInk 1200 meters.
  • Grid Antenna Up to 8 miles,

The Effingham WiFi club’s mission is to provide WiFi reviews, informational products and services So you can get connected. Comparing and contrasting the difference between commercial verses free. We would love to hear from you, your opinion is important to us to help reach our goals. Please be social, follow us on,  witter ,Facebook, Apsense and more. Help us spread the word on internet for all.

Imagine Your Self Having Free Internet!! A better way to have fast internet speeds, stronger web connection and for the high cost of free.
Think about it for a short moment, how much it is costing you to enjoy the things we use on a daily basis! Did you know?

It’s time to level the playing field. Please send an email to the Federal Communication Commissioners asking to support, Internet For All.

Unfortunately, there are 80 million people that does not have access to the Internet. Can you imagine not not having an internet connection?! Looking up a question that can improve your life, sending emails to you family and friends, sharing photos, of you and your life!!

The Problem is much worse than one might think according to the Washington post about 40 billion people around the globe are facing these same problems.

Here in the United States, this particularly affects Latinos, non-English speakers, people with disabilities, young people, seniors, and people with incomes below the poverty line.

support, Internet For All.

Thank you



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