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TOP 10 Routers For Your Home Review, commercial verses free

Here are some giving example of an infrastructure network incorporating. A Infrastructure network contains an access point or a wireless router. To establish an infrastructure network in AP wireless access point client mode,

Through either wired Ethernet or a remote association. WiFi  sometimes require creating IP address like thus 192.168. 1 .100  this allows all your devices  to share the WiFi without conflicts  with the AP and  clients,  this can be  difficult  and quite challenging to set up, while others take somewhat even more know-how.!!

I am not trying to miss lead you in any way I know in this review you was wanting to know what are top 10 router for you home. I will provide you a link at the bottom of my review!

Just imagine there is away you can connect all the devices in your home how easy would that be for you. Just think how many devices do you have ? here is my list

  • Pc 3
  • laptop 2
  • printers 1
  • cell phones 5
  • Smart HDTV 2
  • Blue tooth devices 10
  • Note books 2

Most people own all the devices I just listed above, now imagine if you will not needing to learn or the need to set up those complicated routers,that you would use to connect your PC, or Laptop, For your AP Access Point, and it is there is a conveniently,cost effective how about free.

This is not new news this technology has been around for a very long time, almost as long as  PC’s have been invented.

This technology has been kept quiet to the public, for many reasons, now it is becoming more popular and the news is spreading.

List of reasons?

  1. The Internet was not invented yet.
  2. Once it was, it took a little time before the information became available.
  3.  Business  can not make money if it is free.
  4. Big Companies and Government feel that it is okay, sell routers to the public.
  5. They use their influence to try to keep it quite.


I Have tested both virtual routers and they are great, I still use them to this day I have a lot of devices that I hook up to my free internet here in Effingham Il.

The best router of the 2 is it has more features and a farther range but free is good. My pick for top 10 routers for 2015, is sometimes you just have to pay a little to get a lot both downloads are below try them both and see witch is right for your needs.

My WiFi Router Is A free software free to use and free to download .

commercial verses free.

Connectify Hotspot Easily Connects All Your Devices to WiFi at a affordable price.

Connectify Hotspot makes all your devices happy. This easy-to-use virtual router lets you share Internet from your laptop with your smartphone, tablet, media player, e-reader, other laptops, and even your nearby friends.


Tips On How TO Get The Most Out Of Your WiFi Connection.

WiFi antennas help connect to the internet and also help increase the range of access points. WiFi is currently operating on 2.4ghz and 5ghz range.
WiFi Antennas are very sensitive to radio frequencies and obstructions such as:

– buildings,
– trees,
– wires,
– bridges
– Walls
– Some Light Fixtures
– ect.
Most of these factors depend on your signal strength and noise level of your wireless cards-Routers. The stronger the WiFi signal strength and the less signal noise of your wireless card, the better.

Things that cause interference with WiFi systems are Microwave ovens, certain lighting systems, other 802.11 access points or systems, microwave transmitters, even high speed processors for computers can cause interference for 802.11 systems.

WiFi antennas are hooked either internally or externally. WiFi antennas can be hooked directly to a router or or mounted outside and connected to a router using a special coax cable. WiFi speed are determined by many factors. The router (data transfer rate) used to connect to the WiFi access point, Type of WiFi antenna used to transmit or receive the signal, Speed of your LAN Network card or wireless card and the data speeds of your ISP (Internet Service Provider)/ Access Point.
Tips to get the most out of your WiFi connection

1.Selecting a good router with faster data transfer rate, helps transfer signal between your computer access point and other components on your network.

2. If you have an older computer, consider upgrading your Lan Network Card for better data transfer speeds from your computer, to your router.

3. Place the router in the center of all the connected devices to ensure a better range through your area and stronger signal strength to all your network components.

4.Use a WiFi antenna that is going to suite your needs and upgrade the stock antenna to a high performance one to get a better range – data transfer rate.

5. If you are connecting to an access point by wireless, make sure your antenna is pointed directly at the source with the least amount of obstructions.

6. If using a WiFi router, make sure you are not near microwaves and other WiFi routers. This causes signal noise and dampens your signal strength and transfer rate.

7. Consider using a Repeater to help strengthen the range and data transfer rate of your ISP (Internet service provider) or Access Point. Repeaters are especially useful in multi-level homes.

8. Update old Ethernet cables to better performance cables to speed up data transfer rate. Sometimes even if an old cable works the chances are that the cable wires are too small or the cable is less effective.

As times are changing so is WiFi. All the tips stand true today but may be subject to change. My WiFi Router Is A free software free to use and free to download and it has a longer range then a  then a regular router

As I Promised if you are not convinced and you still looking for the top ten routers here is the link CLICK HERE


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