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Easily Assemble and Install A Grid Antenna

What Is A Parabolic Grid Antenna The WiFi Club pdf install The most Parabolic grids are shaped like a dish and is popularly called a dish antenna or parabolic dish. The main advantage of a parabolic antenna is that it is highly directional. This type of directional antenna has the some of the highest gain. […]

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Municipal WiFi Internet for all

Municipal WiFi Provides: Internet For All Municipal WiFi Provides: Internet For All to use and enjoy WiFi is becoming a more and more popular way for people to access the internet in public. This is especially the case larger cities where one can connect to the internet through a WiFi service offered by commercial establishments […]

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From Public To An Secured Connection

How you can take a public hotspot and turn it into a secured Network   For those that are not equipped with the needed tools to connect to a hotspot, here club members share, the must have tools in order to connect to the internet securely, and hotspots. Read on how you can take a […]

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Effingham Wifi Club-Diy,Get FREE HDTV, without a cable company

 Did You know You Can Get FREE HDTV, without a cable company?   This is a great antenna for HD TV, for use without a cable company. Have you discovered ordinary satellite TV, to be excessively costly? Lets consider when it comes to cost, you can see there are more options. Free air waves are […]

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Effingham Wifi Cub (WISP) Guide

Wonderful day!! And Welcome To The Effingham WiFi Club. Yes, it is a wonderful day, to stay inside and sit on a wifi hotspot. A wireless Internet service provider (WISP) is an Internet service provider, with a network based, on wireless networking Technology.  (WISP)  The real secret, is no one is talking about the wifi […]

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Increase Your WiFi Network Performance

Hi and welcome to the Effingham WiFi Club, Today our topic is “Increase Your WiFi Network Performance” I love Effingham, nice little town,full of great people, plenty of stores for shopping, and lot of places to eat, but my favorite is the all the wifi hotspots there are here in Effingham, Here we are it is […]

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