New app, in-flight internet & The mile-high wifi club

The mile-high wifi club! New app and in-flight internet let holidaymakers download movies and music at 35,000ft

By Ray Massey, Transport Editor

The airline said that its recently introduced non-reclining seats – designed to reduce irritations caused when the person in front reclines to squash the person behind – had been specially designed with a seat-back slot holder to incorporate a tablet.

The new system gives passengers access to five blockbuster Hollywood movies, more than 50 episodes of BBC programmes designed to appeal to all ages and tastes, and an extensive music library of over 50 albums from the summer’s biggest hits through to must-have collections.

Passengers will be able to browse through information about the content before they make their final purchase.

Controversial: Monarch had introduced non-reclining seats on its flights after asking passengers about their bugbears while travelling - which included having their personal space reduced by the traveller in front

Controversial: Monarch had introduced non-reclining seats on its flights after asking passengers about their bugbears while travelling – which included having their personal space reduced by the traveller in front

Luton-based Monarch says the fee for the media ‘bundle’ will apply to each individual flight.

It describes the system as a ‘simple, cost effective solution to on-board wireless streaming’.

A Monarch spokesman said: ‘MPlayer allows customers to connect to the on-board wireless network via their own iOS or Android smartphone or tablet and access a wide range of free and pay-to-access in-flight entertainment content.

Passengers will need to download the free MPlayer app to access the system before their Monarch flight.

The app is available in the AppStore, GooglePlay and Amazon App Store.

Passengers will also have access to free services include a digital versions of Monarch’s two in-flight magazines Passport and the duty-free brochure Love to Shop. Also cost-free are restaurant reviews from TripAdvisor and bar reviews provided by trend-setting socialites BarChick.

Monarch Airlines said they are working in partnership with Milton Keynes-based avionics technology company AeroFi an innovative to begin rolling out MPlayer across its fleet from this summer.

The system works by using an onboard computer ‘server’ under the flight deck to store all content and control software.

Download and go: The new system will let passengers choose music, BBC series and films to watch

Download and go: The new system will let passengers choose music, BBC series and films to watch

Wireless wi-fi access points are then located throughout the aircraft. The systems will be installed in aircraft as they come up for their scheduled maintenance checks by Monarch’s sister company Monarch Engineering.

Monarch’s customer and marketing director Tim Williamson, said: ‘We are delighted to launch MPlayer for our customers this summer as the next innovation for the airline.

‘We recently launched our non-reclining seats with integrated tablet holder and the launch of MPlayer compliments the new seats making it easier to use your device on board.’

MPlayer is available initially on six aircraft operating across the Monarch fleet and the roll out will continue to the remainder of the fleet over the coming months and into next year.

Mr Williamson said:’MPlayer has something for all ages, a perfect way to entertain the kids or catch up with top quality BBC comedies, dramas and documentaries. Its content will be refreshed regularly to make sure our customers have access to the latest programming whilst on-board.”

Monarch said customers will be encouraged to download the free MPlayer app before they fly.

Customers flying on any of the six pioneer aircraft we will be reminded via e-mail to download the app before they fly.

Monarch flies from six UK bases – London Gatwick, Manchester, Birmingham, East Midlands, Leeds Bradford and London Luton, where it has its headquarters.

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