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Today our topic is “Increase Your WiFi Network Performance

I love Effingham, nice little town,full of great people, plenty of stores for shopping, and lot of places to eat, but my favorite is the all the wifi hotspots there are here in Effingham,

Here we are it is 2/16/2015 a Monday, the weather snow all day so it was tough for me to keep a good internet connection, then I remembered a little while back when I purchased the grid antenna it came with a program software on a cd  called inSSIDer.

I opened it and ran the software wow I increased my wifi speeds by 15 mbs, I just moved my singnal king around as I watched my internet screen until I found the best place to set my antenna,

I always like to explain things but keep it simple this software is just that complete desktop tool made for dummies “lol”

look at the photo and see it has training, inside the software so you get results fast!!

Click Here To Download

Click Here To Download

 You can click the photo or click here it is a totally free software as free as my wifi “lol”

inSSIDer Editor’s Review

Identify and troubleshoot wireless networking connections with this must have Windows utility.

Most everything that computes today is wireless.  There’s more wireless networks broadcasting signals near where you are right now than you might think. The problem is, connecting to a network you’re authorized to connect to isn’t always easy. Its for this reason that apps like insider are an important part of any Windows utility toolbox.

inSSIDer for Home helps you measure the signal strength of available Wi-Fi signals and networks and attempts to estimate their performance. The app can show you how walls, stairways, and doors affect your wireless network coverage, and can most likely help you choose the best place to put your wireless router, access point or signal repeater.

All Wi-Fi must share channels with other electronic devices, including other wireless networks and signals.  If there are too many networks sharing or overlapping a channel, your network speed and performance can suffer. inSSIDer helps you find the best channel for your Wi-Fi network.

Many local governments and municipalities may require your Wi-Fi signal to be secured.  Running your wireless network wide open so that anyone can use it isn’t really a good idea.  If you have a bandwidth cap, it can easily be exceeded.  There have also been reports of people hacking corporate networks with unsecured Wi-Fi signals.  Securing your network is important, and inSSIDer can help you set and determine which security settings your Wi-Fi is using, reducing the risk of unauthorized access into your home network.

App Pro’s: Works with Windows Vista to Windows 8

App Con’s: Doesn’t list all support file requirements and doesn’t auto install those that are missing, Won’t install in Parallels

Conclusion: iSSIDer is an interesting app. I wish I had something like this on the Mac side of the world. Its displays are cool, and provide you with the information it needs to get your network running well.

By performing a quick survey of your environment with inSSIDer for Home, you’ll be able to ensure you’re operating your network on the best channel possible.

Channel decisions should not be made from just the access point’s perspective. Using inSSIDer from the same locations where people use the Wi-Fi will shed light on the best channel for every user.

inSSIDer for Home shows you where your neighboring Wi-Fi networks are overpowering, helping you avoid co-channel and overlapping interference.

Learn more about interference in our newsletter.

At the center of inSSIDer for Home is the Link Score.

The Effingham Wifi Club’s Conclusion, We love the added security, increased my wifi speeds by 15 mbs I went from a crawl to turbo!!

The best software I have tested to find my dead zones “thank you metageek team” you really thought about the home user when you designed it, 1 to 10 I give it a 11

Range specifications are based on independent test results and windows 7 professional operating system. Actual performance may vary due to differences in operating environments, building materials and wireless obstructions. Performance may increase or decrease over the stated specification. Wireless coverage claims are used only as a reference and are not guaranteed as each wireless network is uniquely different. Maximum wireless signal rate derived from IEEE 802.11 standard specifications. Actual data throughput may vary as a result of network conditions and environmental factors. N300 wireless signal speeds achieved when connecting to other N300 or later 802.11n/ac devices. Output power specifications are based on the maximum possible radio output power plus antenna gain.
Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Protected Setup, and WPA2 are either registered trademarks or trademarks of the Wi-Fi Alliance.

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