From Public To An Secured Connection

How you can take a public hotspot and turn it into a secured Network


For those that are not equipped with the needed tools to connect to a hotspot, here club members share, the must have tools in order to connect to the internet securely, and hotspots. Read on how you can take a public hotspot and turn it into a secured Network.
Whether your at home or on the go. I have tested many different products,through mounts of testing WiFi equipment, and WLAN. What antennas and software woks best in you home, or back yard, even further then your garden.
you will be connect to the internet just like our Effingham WiFi Club Members.We have done all that research, to not only save you time but we kept in mind, the cost as well, to save you money.

No need for you to go and spend hours of shopping at retail stores. Why stand in line longer than it took you to find the WiFi equipment just to take it home and you still can not connect to your internet or public WiFi. Believe me been there and done that.We are Providing reviews of WiFi, technology, security,and connectivity at the Effingham WiFi Club.

Club Members have tested cloud routers,which are highly recommend.A cloud router, is a virtual router.  The test results showed that virtual router, can boost up to 50 yards of WiFi. Effinham Club Menbers  use the virtual hotspot  to connect all of their devices, enjoying a secured connection.That is a long way for any router.  The test results also showed, that the virtual router penetrates most obstructions that a normal router won’t.

1. Getting A Wireless Adapter

– this is the primary requirement in being able to connect to a hotspot. The wireless adapter is the one that
transmits data to and from the computer. Again, most modern laptops are equipped with this. But for those without an
adapter, they can buy a wireless card or even a USB adapter as an add-on. The High Power USB antenna is highly recommended.

2. Using the grid antenna

– The grid antenna can receive or send signal, up to 8 miles in a straight beam. This allows for extended point to point networks and also provides a great AP client connection.

3. Get A Virtual Router

-The virtual router can be used as an AP(Hotspot),Wired Router Mode, and even repeat the internet connection you already have. You can create your own secured hotspot.  This virtual router will boost your speeds and extend your range of your ISP(internet service provider).



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