Effingham WiFi Hotspots

Are you  looking for ways to save money, lets face it, cable bills, dish, paid tv,Virgin Mobile, Broadband, they are all becoming way to expensive and are still on the rise, I want to share with you how I get my internet connection. Not only my internet connection, and how I do it for free, but a way everyone to can have a free secure hotspot connection.

If you want to share your internet connection,  your computer must be connected to a wired network and have a HIGH-POWER_LONG_RANGE_AND_HIGH_SENSITIVITY_CLIPPER_B_G_N_USB_ADAPTER_950WNfunctional WiFi adapter. Like the photo on the right side of the screen. If you want to re-share a WiFi connection you’ll need this software called,  Connectify Hotspot.

There are a great many business out the offering free Hotspot WiFi, and there is a simple way you can connect to them, with very fast speeds, I watch videos with no problem, tv , do downloads,check emails,Send Files, photos,build websites! I run multiple computers,Share my hotspot I had as many as twenty users at one time,they all told me the same thing that they had a fast connection ! I have control of the whole thing, it is like I am a business offering A secured WiFi Hotspot.
Remember a public hotspot is not a secure connection however you can turn it into a secure one with this simple piece of software called Hotspot Pro, it is great for keeping you connected securely,Hotspots
I enjoy having free internet and it is secure, What I did was buy a signal king WiFi antenna, then the Hotspot Pro, I use the public WiFi, then I boosted the signal,  the Hotspot Pro, runs my own secure Hotspot,What a powerful piece of software, it truly is the best virtual router, it allows me the ability to connect
all my devices on 1 Secure Wifi Hotspot network .

The plus side is, I can share my hotspot and provide a secure internet connections,to my friends and neighbors,  fast speeds,150 mbps , my secured hotspot signal reaches as far as 2 blocks that is a long way for any router,But when you combine these 2 tools together The Signal King + The Hotshot Pro, wow big results for almost no cost.


Most of the routers I have purchased from stores do not have this kind of range, usually they can only reach 50 feet, in modern homes of today that will not reach the back patio or porch, measure how far it is to your garage,” ha ha just kidding ” no need when you put into action and do what I am doing, see it is okay to be a copy cat as long as your copying the right cat.
I have listed some hotspots below.These business are in most towns and cities,and offer Hotspots now some motels charge for their wifi ,Another powerful feature of the Hotshot Pro software is, you pay once at the desk of the motel, then run your hotspot to connect all your devices,

10 free wifi hotspots in Effingham from the

Directory of Effingham free WiFi hotspots…and now me



Fairfield Inn & Suites Effingham

1111 S Henrietta St

Effingham, IL 62401

(217) 540-5454

(Free Wifi Hotel / Motel / Resort)


Best Western Raintree Inn Effingham

I 70 & 57 Exit 159

Effingham, IL 62401

(217) 342-4121

(Free Wifi Hotel / Motel / Resort)


Econo Lodge Effingham

1412 W Fayette Ave

Effingham, IL 62401

(217) 342-9271

(Free Wifi Hotel / Motel / Resort)


Culver’s of Effingham

1510 W Fayette Ave

Effingham, IL 62401

(217) 347-4986


1305 North Keller Drive
Effingham, IL 62401

Holiday Inn Express


1103 Ave of Mid America

Effingham, IL 62401

(877) 863-4780

(Free Wifi Hotel / Motel / Resort)

I 70 & Hwy 32 Starbucks

1700 Ave Of Mid America

Effingham, IL 62401

(217) 342-5577

(Free Wifi Coffeeshop / Cafe)


Hilton Garden Inn Effingham

1301 Ave Of Mid-America

Effingham, IL 62401

(217) 540-7777

(Free Wifi Hotel / Motel / Resort)


1304 N Keller Dr

Effingham, IL 62401

(217) 342-2355

(Free Wifi Fast Food)

McDonald’s restaurants are one of the easiest spots to find free WiFi,

McDonald’s is the best and of course my favorite place !!

I Know you will enjoy what you can accomplish with the Signal King + Hotshot Pro = Savings


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