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Being a at home grandpa and having an online business is not that hard now, with free internet so easily assessable.The WiFi  Club members are testing antenna products and have been getting great results. Signal king has a distance of 600 meters, Alfa Ralink about 400 meters, Alfa & Parabolic Grid Antenna a little over a mile, they claim it gets 8 miles line of site but when we tested it,  the results were 1 and a quarter miles. How ever, if you ad the inline signal booster it will improve speed and performance,according to test results it was 4 miles. We help you make attaching the antennas to your laptop or Your PC much easier. Our guidance is the key for all your WiFi needs.

The WiFi Club compared Ralink drivers to other drivers, but they seemed to be slower and not as good of a internet connection. Cisco is the designer of the Ralink driver, they are highly recommend and are listed on the wall street stock exchange company. Here in Effingham We are blessed with ready and available WiFi. There are towers spread out far and wide.The towers start from the east coast and travel along major highways, they go all the way to the west cost.

The reason the towers follow the highways and train railways, is for internet to cars, trains, buses, cellphones, GPS and the list goes on. These days more people have to make use of the free to air waves that the powerful towers provide. Internet for cellphones and other mediums of information, all use these communication towers Free on a daily basis to begin with.


So with technology at hand and towers near by

working from home, my daily are as follows something like this…

Upon waking up and after having breakfast, the computer is turned on to check out new developments in the network. As far as the marketer is concerned there might be new things to update and statistics to keep track on.

I check my site design and to see if it has to be revised. I know that a well-designed site can increase sign ups from visitors. It can also help in the conversion keeping up with customers Q&A.

Once that’s done, it is time to go look at WiFi Club Social Network program and see if I have any new members that need approving when joining our network . WiFi Club Social Network is for  people in joining our cause for free internet for all. sharing the greatest gift that can be giving knowledge . A sure way of promoting free to air waves connections.

There are lots of resources to sort out. Ads, banners, button ads and sample recommendations to give out because the marketer knows that this is one way of ensuring more sales. Best to stay visible and accessible too.


To Be Or Not To Be

To Be Or Not To Be  remembered  there are questions to answer from the visitors. This has to be done quickly. Nothing can turn off a customer faster than an unanswered email.

To prove that the WiFi Club Social Network is working effectively and efficiently, inquiries would have been paying more attention on.

  • Nobody wants to be ignored and customers are not always the most patient of all people. Quick answer that should appear professional yet friendly too.
  • In the process of doing all the necessities, the marketer is logged on to a chat room where he or she interacts with other and those under that same program. This is where they can discuss things on how to best promote their products.
  • There are things to be learned and it is a continuous process. Sharing tips and advices is a good way of showing support. There may be others out there wanting to join and may be enticed by the discussion that is going on. There is no harm in assuming what opportunities ahead.

The newsletters were updated days ago, so it is time to see if there are some new things happening in the market. This will be written about in the marketer’s publication to be distributed to the old and new customers.

These same publications are also an important tool in keeping up to date with the newly introduced products. The WiFi Club Posts Reviews on the antennas being tested, put up a sale and promotion for club members,or new customers may want to know more about.

It is that time to show some appreciation to those who have helped with testing it is a volunteering and sharing their results with the community . Nothing like mentioning the persons, their sites and the process they have done that made everything worked.

Of course, this will be published in the newsletters. Among the more important information that have been written already.

WiFi Club still has time to write out recommendations to those who want credible sources for the products being promoted. There is also time to post some comments on how to be a successful affiliate marketer on a site where there are lots of wannabees.

Two objectives done at the same time. The WiFi Club Social Network tests and promote the product as well as the program they are in. Who knows, someone may be inclined to join.

Time flies. Missed lunch but is quite contented with the tasks done.

Okay, so this may not be all done in a day. But then, this gives you an idea of how  My Days InnEffingham  WiFi Club, a dedicated one that is, spends the My Time being social net worker all day.

Is that success looming in the distance or what?


Today the WiFi Clubs Review.

  • You really need ways to stay up to date with your visitors and be able to answer a questing in a moments notice place this shout box on all sites you have.
  •   Use on your website or blog is this shout box is the perfect platform you can ad it to you widget area like we have done on this site.
  • If  you do not know how or need some assistance please feel free to ask.
  • This powerful shoutbox is on all of our site so if a person or customer post a question it does not matter what site we are on.
  •   Our network We receive the notice.

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