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The Effingham WiFi Club Network bridging Review

The Effingham WiFi Club

Network bridging is the action taken by network equipment, to create an aggregate network from either two or more communication networks, or two or more network segments as shown in the photo above. Bridging is distinct from routing which allows the networks to communicate independently as separate networks. Also, if one or more segments of the network are wireless, it is known as wireless bridging.

A network bridge is a network device that connects multiple network segments. In the OSI model bridging acts in the first two layers, below the network layer,I bridged my networks together and created the Mac Bridge Miniport you see at the top right of this post.

After the bridge was made then I started up Connectify Hotspot -Is The World’s Most Popular WiFi Sharing Software, be sure to watch the video at the end of this post see the power of connectify I also made a past review I will leave the link for you to read.

Okay so lets get started all you have to do is follow along at your own pace, I’m in no hurry I  have free internet lol.

Step one:

You must have a internet connection for this to work, I am running windows 7 professional that is the operating system, I have a  TP-LINK TL-WA5210G 2.4 GHz High Power Wireless Outdoor CPE  it is a dedicated Wireless Internet Service Provider Customer-Premises Equipment (WISP CPE) device, providing the functions of a Wireless Access Point (WAP), WISP Client, and a high gain antenna in one, weatherproof device designed for outdoor use. The high power design extends transmission range and delivers a more reliable wireless connection.

I am testing it in the repeater mode, to boost the signal of connectify. I Am also using a signal king to be able to connect to the wifi called lockon, I have notice lockon is just about everywhere here in Effingham Il.

I ran a few test  and it works well I am broadcasting a signal as far as 300 meters so I have no problem with  connecting to my wifi  hotspot, indoors or out.


step two:tp

Here is how to set up the repeater. first you must login to the TP link, now that your inside the control, on the left side of the screen should look like this click on the word dropdown opens then click the word  Wireless Mode.

Click On The Repeater,  The Repeater mode is the AP with its own BSS and with WDS enabled that relays data to a root AP, to which it is associated. The wireless repeater relays signal between its stations and the root AP for greater wireless range. Please input the MAC address of root AP in the field of MAC of AP.

AP Client Router: In this mode, the device enables multiusers to share Internet from WISP. The LAN port devices share the same IP from WISP through Wireless port. While connecting to WISP, the Wireless port works as a WAN port at AP Client Router mode. The ethernet port acts as a LAN port.

AP Router: In this mode, the device enables multiusers to share Internet via ADSL/Cable Modem.The wireless port share the same IP to ISP through ethernet WAN port. The Wireless port acts the same as a LAN port while at AP Router mode.

AP: In this mode, the device allows wireless communication devices to connect to a wireless network by using WIFI. The ethernet port and the wireless port both work as LAN ports.

Be sure to click the Save button to save your settings on this page.

Note: The router will reboot automatically after you click the Save button.

My ratings for the TP-LINK , 5 stars

  • I found it to be a simple set up and easy to use “it is a set and forget system.”
  • Enjoy your free wifi


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