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I Have Some great news today for all the club members !! The Effingham WiFi Club has a new review.

Most People like us are always looking for a ways to save money and we have found after testing these 3  Long-Rang WiFi Network Adapters deliver all  performed well and seem to be equally match except, on the price.

When we ran our test on Ralink 3070 from Signal King they were positive, I was able to connect to a wifi hotspot called lockon3391. This is the service provider I am using for my internet provider.

photo of my Ralink Driver and the service provider

photo of my Ralink Driver
and the service provider

I Am really excited and having lots of fun meeting lots of new people, I am Sharing this with everyone I meet about  how .Effingham il, is providing free wifi. The problems seems to be that no one is letting others know that lockon is all over Effingham il. I know this because?

I met a club member who lives on the other side of town, after we set him up with a grid out door antenna, because of his location, he was having a hard time getting connected to a wifi hotspot.

Living in a low area can be extremely hard to get signal, however we did and that is when I realized that lockon, was all over this great city of ours. His service provider name is lockon 2335 and I saw more then one he has extremely long rang from the alfa grid antenna up to 8 miles, so he can connect to all of the wifi hotspots in the area now.



The 802.11n 1W High Power Wireless USB LAN WiFi Adapter 5dBi Antenna picked up the same amount of hotspots as the Alfa AWUSO36NH High Gain USB Wireless G / N Long-Rang WiFi Network Adapter. Photo on the right

As I said depending on how much you have to spend and what your budget allows, The 802.11n 1W High Power Wireless adapter costs around 13 to 14 dollars verses the  Alfa AWUSO36NH High Gain USB Wireless sells for 32 dollars

I purchased the signal king for under thirty but had to pay postage and handling.

All 3  use the same ralink driver which is one of the best drivers to use for wifi hotspot connections. I only had to download the ralink driver once. I was  tickled over not doing more then once, it made it so much easier when it came to testing the 3 wifi  usb adapter models.


Alfa AWUSO36NH High Gain USB Wireless G / N Long-Rang WiFi Network Adapter,can be used as a stand alone wifi internet connector. Or this unit can be used with a grid antenna to increase the range as far as 8 miles, if needed.

I purchased the outdoor wifi kit for testing but I live near a wifi tower here in Effingham il. so I only use my grid antenna on days that I have a hard time receiving a signal.


 Effingham WiFi Club Mission Is

Creating Free Public WiFi For everyone.Club Members secured WiFi.

  • Once Connected to a free WiFi Hotspot make it a secured internet connection for your personal use. Then start you hotspot to create connections for neighbors
  • Creating Free Public WiFi for the home and on the go is easy to do.
  • Make it so simple a child could do it!!
  • My Favorite Besides the savings is “just a few clicks” and you have a hotspot.


Join in on the fun of sharing, the convenience of free WiFi, having no contract, no lengthy commitment and no monthly bill makes having free WiFi very appealing.

I Am very satisfied with this software performance, I have spent thousands to have the internet in the past. Now I am planning my next vacation.

SIGNAL KING + = Turns any pc or lap top into a real WIFI hotspot to share the internet with your Family, friends, co-workers, and mobile devices.

I have free internet and I am a hotspot for under 100 bucks!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


After joining you will need to check your email and activate your subscription or you will not receive them.

Thank you for taking part in our club

Watch for my next post we will be showing you how to set up Networks and  how to bridge then together to improve not just for the security, but to add  faster speeds, so you can share your good fortune with others. Till next time       KEEP WIFING  save_2_$




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